Learn About the New ENERGYSTAR 7.0 program. Beginning in 2023.

ENERGYSTAR requirements for windows and doors have changed! But Windows Plus has you covered.

Make sure your new windows and doors meet the new ENERGYSTAR standards.

What's new with ENERGYSTAR?

Beginning in October 2023, ENERGYSTAR 7.0 raises the bar on window and door efficiency requirements:

  • The minimum efficiency ratings for ENERGYSTAR have changed.  Windows and doors need to be more efficient than ever to qualify for ENERGYSTAR certification.
  • To be eligible for tax credits, windows now have to exceed the new ENERGYSTAR minimum efficiency ratings, and be qualified as “Most Efficient” by ENERGYSTAR.
Windows Plus Cincinnati

Your New ENERGYSTAR Guide for the North-Central Climate Zone
(Greater Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, & Southeast Indiana):

EnergyStar Ratings for Cincinnati
How does the new ENERGYSTAR program affect windows & entry doors?

Replacement Windows (North-Central Region):

  • For ENERGYSTAR qualification, the minimum U-Factor rating has lowered from ≤ 0.30 to ≤ 0.25.
  • The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) rating is unchanged at ≤ 0.40.
  • To be eligible for tax credits, windows must now meet the “Most Efficient” certification, with a U-Factor ≤ 0.20.
  • Note that ENERGYSTAR qualification alone does not qualify for tax credits on windows, unless they’re certified “Most Efficient” with a U-Factor ≤ 0.20!

Entry Doors (North-Central Region):

  • ENERGYSTAR qualification & tax credit eligibility depends on the amount of glass in the entry door.  
  • For opaque doors (without glass), the U-Factor is unchanged, at ≤ 0.17.
  • For ≤ 1/2 lite doors (half-glass or less), the minimum U-Factor has lowered from ≤ 0.25 to ≤ 0.23.
  • For > 1/2 lite doors (more than half-glass), the minimum U-Factor has lowered from ≤ 0.30 to ≤ 0.26.
What are the tax credit changes with the new ENERGYSTAR program?
  • Tax Credits for Eligible Windows:  30% of the window cost, up to $600 for eligible windows. 
  • Tax Credits for Eligible Exterior Doors:  30% of door costs up to $250 per door, with maximum credit $500.
  • Maximum Annual Tax Credit: There is a $1,200 aggregate yearly tax credit maximum
  • Timing:  The new 25C tax credit is effective from January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2032.
Located outside of the Greater Cincinnati area?
Here are the ENERGYSTAR changes for all climate zones:
EnergyStar Map for All Climate Zones
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